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Shifting Community Power: Local Public Health and Community Organizing Collaborations to Confront the Root Causes of Racial Injustice and Health Inequity - Gallery view
Helena Dessie
Hi everyone, thanks for joining us today! We will be starting in just a few minutes.
Helena Dessie
As you join, please chat us your name and location so we know who is here!
Jessica Lopez
Jessica Lopez, Phoenix, AZ
Eileen Eisen Cohen
Hi! It's Eileen Eisen-Cohen from Maricopa County. Hey Peter!
So great that you can join!
Hello Everyone! Erika Ennis, Alexandria, Virginia.
Feels like forever since I last saw/spoke with you!
Mandy Billman (IN)
Hi all, I'm Mandy Billman from Marion County (Indianapolis, IN)! :)
Sara Lyons
Hello! Sara Lyons in DC
Maritza Valenzuela
Maritza Valenzuela, Denver Public Health
Pebbles King
Hello Everyone, I'm Pebbles King from Mobile, AL
Aaron Sweazy
Howdy from York, Nebraska! This is Aaron Sweazy :)whoops...did that twice. Love technology
Angie McPherson
Hi Aaron! Good to see you here. Hello from Woodbridge, VA.
Aaron Sweazy
Hi Angie! My mom's maiden name is McPherson....maybe we are related?! :) She lives in PA
Lili Farhang
Hi all! Good to be here with you!
Angie McPherson
Public health is a small world :P I married into this name, but it's definitely possible. Glad to see you here, cousin. Thanks for asking good questions in the plenary.
Aaron Sweazy
You are welcome! Always good to have family on! :)
Linda Kopecky she/her/hers
Greetings! Linda Kopecky here, working in Boulder County, CO but actually living (and soon working exclusively) in Saint Paul, MN. Yes, I can resonate with the trauma and burden on the community that ongoing racial injustice and violence creates.
Helena Dessie
Going great everyone!
Hello good people - Maya, here in Lincoln, NE
Aaron Sweazy
Maya's my friend :)
Hello all! Jamie, Oakland, CA, with Human Impact Partners
Felicia Baez
Hi everyone. Felicia Baez Chickahominy Health District in Virginia
Hi everyone! Ashley Edmiston here from Washington, DC. Great to be here with you all.
Lori T. Freeman
Hello and welcome! This is Lori Freeman, NACCHO's CEO, joining you today from Haymarket, Virginia. So glad you are all participating.
Welcome folks! I'm Elizabeth Ford, your NACCHO President-Elect! You're in for a great presentation!
Jennifer Kertanis
Hi Ruth, good to see you "on-line" miss seeing you in person!
Lili Farhang
They bring people who identify as being part of a community together to solve problems that they themselves identifyThey help a community identify common problems, mobilize resources, and develop and implement strategies to reach their collective goalsThey work to develop civic agency among individuals and communities to take control over their lives and environments.They are committed to building a membership base and is accountable to that membership
Linda Kopecky she/her/hers
Aaron Sweazy
I guess it depends on how we are going to define the racial equity. We have seen pretty good diversity in my opinion when it comes to upper management levels.
Lili Farhang
Just a note to all attendees to make sure you select “All panelists and attendees” if you want everyone to see your comments!
Peter/ NACCHO (he/him/his)
For resources on understanding the roots causes of health inequity: You 03:40 PMhttps://www.barhii.org/barhii-frameworkwww.rootsofhealthinequity.org
Lili Farhang
BLM slide set: http://www.acphd.org/media/421279/ac_blm.pdfPlace Matters housing work that compiles the materials: http://www.acphd.org/social-and-health-equity/policy-change/place-matters/workgroups/housing.aspx
Melissa Papp-Green Los Angeles County DPH
snap, snap, snap
R. Maiorana
Hi Jennifer K - great to 'see' you as well. Miss in person! Congratulations to you on President role for this coming year - very well deserved. Women power - w you and Elizabeth! From SACCHO to NACCHO President! Yay!
Lili Farhang
Long Beach Values Act & Justice Fund
Lili Farhang
- Sanctuary Long Beach Coalition- Expansion of California Values Act to limit immigration enforcement in all City departments- Long Beach Justice Fund - $300,000 fund to provide legal representation for deportation- Shared learning, structure of fund, development of RFP and selection of legal service provider- Partnerships with Vera Institute of Justice and Immigrant Defenders Law Center- Development of advisory committee
Lili Farhang
Why is deportation a public health issue?- Trauma- Economic insecurity- Trust in health & social services
Melissa Papp-Green Los Angeles County DPH
Translation services from companies are so expensive and the translations are often poorly done because the translators are not subject matter experts in public health and may not use the most relevant words that communities understand. We have found much more success with relying on our bilingual/trilingual staff who are both subject matter and members of the community we are trying to reach. I love the story of students who served an even greater role then you asked of them.
Lili Farhang
Justice Fundhttp://www.longbeach.gov/health/healthy-living/office-of-equity/long-beach-immigration-resources/ahttps://humanimpact.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Family-Unity-Family-Health-2013.pdfLanguage Accesshttp://www.longbeach.gov/health/healthy-living/office-of-equity/language-access-policy/White Supremacy Culturehttps://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/white-supremacy-culture-characteristics.html
Aaron Sweazy
Why are we pretending anti immigrant is just a recent thing. 1952 was the start of the Immigration and Nationality Act which put restrictions on immigrants. Both parties have had major implications in how immigration is accepted freely or not so freely. Before October 2014 39 times US Presidents have taken executive action from 1956- then.
Aaron Sweazy
Grant it the current person at the helm is not the best individual in the world either!
Aaron Sweazy
Problem with immigration is we make it way to difficult for it to be done legally and/or inexpensively like other great things such as adoption which costs way to much as well
Maren - Austin Public Health
Our public health department can provide research and recommendations when it comes to policy work, but we're not able to bring up a topic or set an agenda. What would you recommend to get these conversations started?
Aaron Sweazy
if you have individuals in a community marching...but no leader of the marchers that want a voice at the table, how do you bring them to the table? How do we define leaders of those groups without offending, and how do we continue to engage if we are told to mind our own business (as non people of color that want to help). It doesn't seem like much good happens when all of the people in the inner workings of government and other forms of leadership are sitting at the table with others also in leadership. We need more of the people on the street that want their voices heard, but how do we eloquently get that to happen when a message says hear us out,, but replies to sit down are opposite? It challenges your empathy, at least mine.
Linda Kopecky she/her/hers
That is the different style of leadership and organizing I was referring to - it looks and feels different to the dominant culture.
Maren - Austin Public Health
Thank you Linda!
Aaron Sweazy
Yeah. I think I didn't choose wording eloquently. That's the jist what you are saying...but power being shared....if you go up and get their number sounds great, but it's going on being uncomfortable to the streets to get their information, but then extending the olive branch. But if they choose not to come to the table for actual talks, then it is doubly frustrating.
Aaron Sweazy
I think the history of trust doesn't help. I am labled big bad white male based on looks. However I grew up in military family and have Asian sister in law, black nephew, and my children Hispanic. I don't want people discriminated against based on their looks.
Tahlia Gousse
**applause** thank you so much!!
Helena Dessie
Thank you for joining us today everyone, enjoy the rest of your day!
Peter/ NACCHO (he/him/his)
Thank you all for joining and to our fabulous presenters!
Melissa Papp-Green Los Angeles County DPH
Does anyone know if there are any plans to expand and continue the State of CA Diaster Relief for Immigants? This program gave a $500 check to eligible undocument immigrants, with a limit of $1000 per household. The funds were distibuted through community partners but application time expired on June 30th BUT our communities still need access to these funds.