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NACCHO COVID-19: Project Firstline - Shared screen with gallery view
Heather Ewing Ogle
Dr. Terashita- I'll provide live questions as we get closer to the end of the pre-planned question list. For now that list is good to follow
Heather Ewing Ogle
Please continue using pre-planned questions for now.
Heather Ewing Ogle
When appropriate, first live question: 1. Does Project Firstline cover new COVID-19 variants?
Heather Ewing Ogle
Once Dr. Bell answers this vaccination question, would suggest following up by asking if vaccinated HCPs should continue to wear masks for source control
Heather Ewing Ogle
Suggest next question: Nursing homes sometimes push back on our IPC recommendations for the sake of maintaining a “home like” environment. What recommendations do you have for responding to that push back?
Erin Laird (NACCHO)
5 minutes. 1 last Q