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NACCHO and Health Careers Connection - Shared screen with speaker view
Maritza Valenzuela
I'm a Columbia MSPH alum too. I have to get on another call but I would like to receive more info on how to become a host. I'm at a LPH but we already hire young people who are either college or HS students and I support staff in engaging with them in meaningful ways and effective youth-adult partnerships. Maritza.valenzuela@dhha.org
Scout Farrow (she/her)
Thanks, Maritza. We will be sure to follow up.
Laura P
1. Does HCC have graduate interns?2. How does HCC define “communities of color”? As in 98% of HCC interns are from communities of color.3. What kind of admin work does the host site have to provide HCC during the internship, such as progress reports? and after?4. When is the program fee due to HCC from the host? When would pay for the interns be due? As in, all in-full up front?5. Will interns receive college credit?6. How do you track alumni (graduate school enrollment and employment) post-program?
Laura P
thank you!