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Informational webinar for the Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding Support Blueprint Request for Applications - Shared screen with speaker view
Camille Tinder
Since it's a fixed price deliverables contract, is there any issue with working on a project that culminates with a bigger deliverable at the end. As long as progress is being shown at the three time points and we have relevant progress deliverables, is that an issue?
Camille Tinder
Can you share the slides after the webinar?
Consuelo Beck-Sague
Is there a link for "Infant Feeding Data"
Camille Tinder
I saw that exam fees are a part of the non-allowable costs. I just want to confirm that IBCLC exam fees would not be an allowable cost for this funding
Harumi Reis-Reilly (she/her), NACCHO
Slides and recording will be available at the continuity of care website tomorrow.
Tami Frank
Thank you for the opportunity!
Ellen Babb
Thank you!