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*UPDATED* Improving Adolescent Vaccine Coverage and White House School-based COVID-19 Clinic Initiative - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Schwab
Can you remind me when the 1st wave of this survey took place?
Patricia Martinez
do you guys have any demographic information for this data?
Lori T. Freeman
Michelle, can you please relay my apologies to Rachel/Mary for having a conflicting meeting and not being able to introduce them myself - I do appreciate having them come on today's call and appreciate their ability to do it so quickly this week. Thank you!
Michelle Cantu
Absolutely! Thank you so much for joining during this time!
Michelle Cantu
Ad Council’s rural tool kit: https://adcouncil-covid-vaccine-education-initiative.s3.amazonaws.com/Rural+Resource+Toolkit+COVID-19+Vaccines.pdf
Craig Beintema
Will the slides be made available?
Michelle Cantu
Slides will be shared with the recording
Heather Amrhein
Is it possible to get a copy of these slides?
Holly Blilie
I am really worried about the recent politicization surrounding vaccines. Our rates are falling and I am so worried what that means for the resurgence of vaccine preventable illness.
Michelle Cantu
This webinar is being recorded and slides and resources will be available shortly after today. They will be sent out to all registrants via email and posted to NACCHO virtual communities.
Michael Sequeira
Thank you, Michelle! Good stuff
Michelle Cantu
To learn more about the initiative and peruse the multitude of supporting campaign materials including a campaign toolkit, visit: https://www.unity4teenvax.org/dontwaitvaccinate/.
Amy Frandsen
Here is the link for the podcast FACTSinnated: https://www.unity4teenvax.org/factsinnated/
Amy Frandsen
Here is the link for the podcast FACTSinnated: https://www.unity4teenvax.org/factsinnated/
Sara Applebee
Rural counties tend to be individualistic, "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" folks. Appealing to their sense of community by protecting those around them does not seem to be working here.